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We work closely with many New York and National brokers.

We pay full commissions on every deal within 30 days. If your client has an immediate need just contact us and we’ll organize a tour of any of our locations at a time convenient to your client. A the broker of record you’ll be fully protected at every stage of the deal process.

Sincerely, Helix Workspace

Why is Helix Workspace a good option for my client?

  • No large up-front capital outlay
  • No risk: short term or long term
  • Compact service agreements, no lengthy lease review
  • For your small requirements – 100 to 3000 square feet
  • Deals close quickly, we pay quickly
  • All leads followed up quickly with updates sent back to you

How can I describe Helix Workspace to my client?

  • Clients choose their preferred location, length of term and the amount of space the actually require to get operational
  • Helix Workspace locations are already equipped with advanced technology and telephony systems. Your client is up and running from day one: every office is also fully furnished
  • Your client will have minimal capital outlay upfront

When is Helix Workspace a better option than conventional space?

  • Helix Workspace is optimal for clients requiring office space for twenty people or less for three years or less. Most times Helix Workspace offices are less expensive than your client’s next best alternative.

What term lengths does Helix Workspace offer?

  • No. Clients choose the term best suits their needs. We offer 6, 12 or 24 month terms. We can also discuss shorter or longer terms. Your clients call it the “right term”.

How expensive is Helix Workspace?

  • No. With Helix Workspace your client can create an office plan that’s as agile as their business plan – while saving money. There is minimal up-front expenditure, and Helix Workspace passes on the discounts from our purchasing power to our clients, resulting in lower shipping costs for example.

How much time will I spend dealing with Helix Workspace?

  • Yes. When it comes to doing deals, we’re easy and predictable. Our sales process and product offering are the same each time you do a deal. To refer a client simply fill out an online form, email us or call us at (212) 588-1700. All it takes is one phone call or email. And we pay commissions within thirty days

How can I compare office pricing to square foot prices?

  • We will work with you to run your client through our cost comparison. The cost comparison clearly identifies all the costs involved in setting up an office with Helix Workspace. The difference between square feet and total occupancy (or per person) costs will be made clear to your client. You can also refer to the Cost Comparison tool on

What's your commission rate?

  • Our standard fee is 10% on the initial contract term rent.