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Four Things to Think About for Executive Office Space for Rent in NYC

April 6th, 2018

In busy places like Manhattan and other parts of New York City, space is at a premium. It can be hard to find executive office space for rent in NYC at affordable prices. In fact, in some neighborhoods, it can be hard to find it at all. Here are some of the things you should be thinking about when scouting around for available office space within the five boroughs.

Location, Location, Location You get office space where you can, but what about your workers? Urban living means understanding the unique relationships between places. For example, getting prime office space near Manhattan's Grand Central station can be a major benefit to your budding business. Look at transit maps and come up with practical ideas for how to start up a business in Manhattan or elsewhere in New York, with an eye toward where you can set up shop and headquarter your operations. This “detail” is ultimately going to matter a lot.

Ergonomics Some people scoff at the idea that ergonomics is important. However, most of these people have probably never had to do office work while sitting in folding chairs. Simply put, for maximum productivity, you need maximum comfort. That's why it pays to look at the furnishing arrangements in an available office space and see what you can do to support the people who make your business function. Look for offices with high standards and furniture vendors that understand investing in health and safety, and you’ll get the kinds of high-quality desks and chairs and furnishings that you need.

Grabbing a Bite – Or a Cup of Java If you've ever had an office job, you probably were pretty cognizant of what restaurants and eateries were around the corner. This is another aspect of locating your business well. Think about what types of refreshments will be available in the building, around the building and in the neighborhood. If you can get a space that's next to a coffee shop or some other venue for pepping up your staff, that's going to be a big plus.

Any Budget, Any Size. New businesses don't want to overspend – and that extends to office space, too. You want solutions that are going to fit your budget. Talk to HelixWorks about flexible workspaces in New York City. Get executive office space for rent in NYC at a discount, and build your business on a more agile foundation. Ask us about the amenities we offer in our conveniently located office buildings, and how to get just the right setups for your teams. We strive to provide the best possible solution to every client, and with customizable office plans, setting up can be easier than you think.