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Support Your Happy Employees with Dynamic Workspaces

September 15th, 2018

How do you keep employees happy? How do you limit turnover and increase employee retention? It's a big question that a lot of hiring managers face as they compete in today's high-pressure business world. There’s a lot of competition when it comes to getting the right people in the door. Simply put, you have to offer incentives. Companies that invest in attracting top talent win out in their markets. That means people have to have a reason to come to work there. Some companies do this with a family-friendly face – others do it with direct incentives. The style doesn’t matter as much as the substance. Companies that invest in building a good reputation often see dividends over time as they grow and scale efficiently and build on that solid rock. Building the Company Culture Some of the best incentive planning starts when companies identify what they're good at, and build on it. If the corporate leadership already has an idea of how to motivate people – if they understand the power of positivity, and can avoid problems associated with toxic bosses, micromanagement and punitive hierarchies – they are already several steps ahead, compared to companies where going to work every day feels like a prison sentence. Building on that, companies can go further by offering some of the creature comforts that make people even more comfortable and happy in their jobs. You may have heard of ‘Maslow's hierarchy of needs’ – at the bottom, the most core, fundamental need is giving people the freedom to do their jobs and empowerment to feel secure and capable. Above that is the idea of offering things like snack programs and coffee-shop service in the building, or organizing public events that increase positivity and buzz around a brand and business model. What's one thing that is immensely important in all of these kinds of employee incentive and happiness plans is dynamic spaces. If you want to have a raffle or a pizza party or an ice cream party, you need someplace to have it. A private office for conference space satisfies those needs and brings people together. At the same time, private offices allow them to get their work done. Building Quality at Cost What’s often stopping businesses from achieving their potential, especially in New York City, is space issues. It can cost a lot to buy up NYC real estate, and so lots of budding companies squeeze into small spaces. But this may impact the investment in talent that we’re talking about. How do you beat the system, break out of the box, and get ahead with your plans to grow your firm? Get attractive temporary workspace plans from Helix. We offer all sorts of customized options in the New York City area, with key locations including Grand Central Station neighborhoods. Ask us about how to set up great dynamic temporary workspaces to help get the employee results you want!

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