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Building Security for the Modern Office

November 22nd, 2018

Back in the days of analog business, companies would bar the doors to their offices to keep competitors or others from getting their hands on trade secrets, whether that meant paper documents or processes or conversations that interlopers could eavesdrop on. Today, there's much more of a trend toward digital security, but both types of security matter. Companies have to be confident they are operating in a secure environment, especially in the age of robust privacy regulations and a globally connected Internet where international hackers abound. They have to “circle the wagons” to protect their assets – and that could mean battening down the hatches on network security with firewalls, anti-virus software and more, or making sure there’s a keycard system in place to limit unauthorized access to the building. Building Security and the Employee One reason to have adequate building security is to protect employees. Too often, someone who's just doing their job can run into problems revolving around what’s happening outside of a building or business space. There are many types of situations where employees benefit from having a secure and stable office to enter to get in off of the street. There are many different kinds of scenarios where building security protects employees. It also helps to protect all of the physical equipment and assets that the company acquired to help fine-tune internal operations. Simply put, physical building security has a value in terms of protecting people and materials. Think of it as the “brick and mortar firewall” – a way to vet incoming traffic to make sure that everything is on the up and up. Digital Security When it comes to digital security, building security is just as important. One way that unauthorized parties get access to private information is to view it on workstation screens or steal a device from a business location. Of course, they can go the route of trying to penetrate the company's firewall, but if there's not adequate building security, all types of digital secrets can walk off. In the age of HIPAA, it's essential to have good building security in place in addition to sufficient privacy software. Even third-party associates are targets of HIPAA regulations if they allow their internal data to be stolen or misused. Take a look at how Helix can offer 24/7 secure building access at our Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue locations. Browse our high-quality offices with the right amenities to help your business succeed – and get peace of mind about building security for yourself and your employees. In addition to building security, we offer different types of setups for meeting room and office spaces that help your firm to get business done – ask about our available specials and what we can do to set your business up for success!

Where You Work Matters! Why the Best Business Locations Help Firms Thrive

October 31st, 2018

These days, when you look at how startups and small-to-medium businesses set up their offices, you'll see an interesting trend in play in terms of office workspaces – there's less attention to the physical locations of these office spaces as companies try to serve a community audience. Now in many ways, remote work has become abundantly possible through the age of the Internet – but that doesn't mean it's just as good as being co-located with your target audience or planning to be in a central space. It just means that remote is an option.

Office Workspaces: Knowing the Lay of the Land Businesses of all types understand that their workers are better positioned to deal with customers when they know what the customer’s community looks like. From giving directions to talking about the local landscape, this kind of in-touch vantage point has value – which is one reason to put your business near where your customers are, or where your business is operational. By being “right in the middle of the action,” employees get valuable business intelligence.

Inspiration and Motivation There's also a kind of soft value of having your business located in some of the best locations in a particular city or metro area. It all comes down to impressions – the impressions that your customers have – and the impressions that your employees get as they are commuting to work or coming in from field locations. Simply put, the impression of being centrally located helps employees feel inspired and confident about their business. It's a little harder to serve Manhattan when you're working out of an office in Astoria – on the other hand, being located right in some of the best Manhattan neighborhoods gives a business a big leg up over the competition.

The Best Resources Businesses also thrive due to where they are located because of local resources. You might consider the quality of restaurants, coffee shops, etc. in the area (which can help with recruiting talent) or in terms of networking (where similar kinds of impressive businesses open doors to partnership opportunities.) It’s all part of building the best business model, to compete in tight markets. Not all small businesses succeed – but yours can! At Helix, we offer temporary and virtual workspaces with all of the perks – including location. Check out what's available at our Fifth Avenue location and Grand Central Station building – get a modern-looking and well-supported office space at 535 Fifth Avenue to promote confidence and collaboration for your business. Our offices come equipped with meeting spaces, reception areas, state-of-the-art presentation equipment and more. Have a look on the site, and imagine what you can do with one of these home base operations for your company.

Benefits of Privacy in Private Offices – Versus an Open Office Plan

October 11th, 2018

If you've been working in an office for a while, you may have heard someone talking about how nice the corner office is, or how to “get out of the bullpen.” It's a common idea that having your own office is a big step up – but why? It's really because private offices come with real benefits, as opposed to open working spaces. That's not to suggest that companies should never use a bullpen or open floor plan – but that it pays to have private offices in place for certain scenarios. In helping our clients set up the best temporary workspaces in NYC, we help to evaluate how private spaces play a role in the development and growth of a company.

Meeting and Planning For many specialized meetings or brainstorming sessions in a business, there's simply no need for everyone else to be listening in. In fact, it's going to infringe on the important work that other people are doing at their desks, and in some cases, it's going to be an unnecessary liability by exposing sensitive information to extra people. So private rooms can really serve the purposes of a business that’s headed toward that next big step, whether it’s conferring with a client, a leadership team huddle, or letting a task force crack some special obstacle that has kept the business from getting to the next level.

Status and Service It might seem kind of crass to suggest that a private office is also an incentive to climb the ladder, but there is a case to be made that private office space really is appropriate for someone who is in a higher or more privileged role within the company. Executives and higher-ups use their private offices to speak with individual employees. They use them for employee reviews, disciplinary meetings or incentive meetings. That's another reason to have private offices in place. It serves the purposes of the company as a whole, and it’s something that many businesses just can’t afford to do without.

Open but Separate With the right kinds of private offices, you can still foster the inclusion and cooperation of the open floor plan atmosphere. By utilizing private office spaces correctly, companies can keep everyone engaged and involved in the important things that are going on within a business. An open door policy can be a good idea. Think of private office spaces as places to conference – places to brainstorm and come up with creative ideas collectively. Check out what Helix offers in temporary workspaces in New York City. Our dynamic space options allow companies to set up private offices and conference rooms according to their needs. Get furnished, versatile, inviting spaces from which to do business near Grand Central Station, or at other key location points around the city. Remember that better spaces help to serve your core business operations, and give your business a better jump on the future!

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Support Your Happy Employees with Dynamic Workspaces

September 15th, 2018

How do you keep employees happy? How do you limit turnover and increase employee retention? It's a big question that a lot of hiring managers face as they compete in today's high-pressure business world. There’s a lot of competition when it comes to getting the right people in the door. Simply put, you have to offer incentives. Companies that invest in attracting top talent win out in their markets. That means people have to have a reason to come to work there. Some companies do this with a family-friendly face – others do it with direct incentives. The style doesn’t matter as much as the substance. Companies that invest in building a good reputation often see dividends over time as they grow and scale efficiently and build on that solid rock. Building the Company Culture Some of the best incentive planning starts when companies identify what they're good at, and build on it. If the corporate leadership already has an idea of how to motivate people – if they understand the power of positivity, and can avoid problems associated with toxic bosses, micromanagement and punitive hierarchies – they are already several steps ahead, compared to companies where going to work every day feels like a prison sentence. Building on that, companies can go further by offering some of the creature comforts that make people even more comfortable and happy in their jobs. You may have heard of ‘Maslow's hierarchy of needs’ – at the bottom, the most core, fundamental need is giving people the freedom to do their jobs and empowerment to feel secure and capable. Above that is the idea of offering things like snack programs and coffee-shop service in the building, or organizing public events that increase positivity and buzz around a brand and business model. What's one thing that is immensely important in all of these kinds of employee incentive and happiness plans is dynamic spaces. If you want to have a raffle or a pizza party or an ice cream party, you need someplace to have it. A private office for conference space satisfies those needs and brings people together. At the same time, private offices allow them to get their work done. Building Quality at Cost What’s often stopping businesses from achieving their potential, especially in New York City, is space issues. It can cost a lot to buy up NYC real estate, and so lots of budding companies squeeze into small spaces. But this may impact the investment in talent that we’re talking about. How do you beat the system, break out of the box, and get ahead with your plans to grow your firm? Get attractive temporary workspace plans from Helix. We offer all sorts of customized options in the New York City area, with key locations including Grand Central Station neighborhoods. Ask us about how to set up great dynamic temporary workspaces to help get the employee results you want!

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Four Things to Think About for Executive Office Space for Rent in NYC

April 6th, 2018

In busy places like Manhattan and other parts of New York City, space is at a premium. It can be hard to find executive office space for rent in NYC at affordable prices. In fact, in some neighborhoods, it can be hard to find it at all. Here are some of the things you should be thinking about when scouting around for available office space within the five boroughs.

Location, Location, Location You get office space where you can, but what about your workers? Urban living means understanding the unique relationships between places. For example, getting prime office space near Manhattan's Grand Central station can be a major benefit to your budding business. Look at transit maps and come up with practical ideas for how to start up a business in Manhattan or elsewhere in New York, with an eye toward where you can set up shop and headquarter your operations. This “detail” is ultimately going to matter a lot.

Ergonomics Some people scoff at the idea that ergonomics is important. However, most of these people have probably never had to do office work while sitting in folding chairs. Simply put, for maximum productivity, you need maximum comfort. That's why it pays to look at the furnishing arrangements in an available office space and see what you can do to support the people who make your business function. Look for offices with high standards and furniture vendors that understand investing in health and safety, and you’ll get the kinds of high-quality desks and chairs and furnishings that you need.

Grabbing a Bite – Or a Cup of Java If you've ever had an office job, you probably were pretty cognizant of what restaurants and eateries were around the corner. This is another aspect of locating your business well. Think about what types of refreshments will be available in the building, around the building and in the neighborhood. If you can get a space that's next to a coffee shop or some other venue for pepping up your staff, that's going to be a big plus.

Any Budget, Any Size. New businesses don't want to overspend – and that extends to office space, too. You want solutions that are going to fit your budget. Talk to HelixWorks about flexible workspaces in New York City. Get executive office space for rent in NYC at a discount, and build your business on a more agile foundation. Ask us about the amenities we offer in our conveniently located office buildings, and how to get just the right setups for your teams. We strive to provide the best possible solution to every client, and with customizable office plans, setting up can be easier than you think.

Shared Office Space in New York City

April 28th, 2016

Minimize the Expense When it comes to office space in New York City, two things are absolutely certain; it is necessary, and it is expensive! This is where Helix Workspace comes into play. Our shared office space gives your busy company the prestige of a New York City address at a fraction of what you’d pay for a fulltime office space that may go unused a great deal of the time. At Helix Workspace, our philosophy is simple, We offer All Inclusive packages as standard.   We offer only all-inclusive packages that give your company the prestige of an office in a high profile New York City office building at a fraction of what you may expect to pay. This is how our Package compares based on a four workstation office space:   Rent for this traditional office space would run you approximately $3750 per month. At Helix Workspace, the cost is $3800. But, this price includes so many of the extras you would pay for in traditional office space.   Four telephone units are included, as well as unlimited calling. This would run you about $200 each in traditional office space, plus the cost of your calls.   If you had a traditional office space, you would need a full time receptionist to answer phones, receive visitors, etc.; this would probably incur a minimum cost of about $3500 monthly. with a Helix Workspace shared office space, a professional, full time receptionist is included.   Another “must have” for any modern day office is high speed Internet, which would cost you an additional $300+ per month in a traditional setting. We include that in our package at no additional cost to you.   Occasionally, everyone needs a meeting or conference room. With a traditional office space you would need to include this often unused space in your office space. At Helix Workspace, the use of a state of the art meeting/conference room is included; up to four hours when you need it.   Utilities charges, janitorial fees, equipment supplies and maintenance, and miscellaneous building charges are both necessary and costly, easily adding up to $1000 or more each month. Helix Workspace’s low monthly cost includes all these necessary evils.   Access to a kitchen, hot beverages and a breakroom are also necessary for a successful work day. With a Helix Workspace solution, all of the additional expenses incurred here are included.   Finally, real estate taxes. Again both necessary and highly costly. Just one more peripheral expense you never need to concern yourself with in a Helix Workspace solution.   You can easily compare the cost of a traditional office space (about $2300 per person per month) to a Helix Workspace solution (about $950 per person per month) and readily see the significant savings to be realized, adding to your bottom line!   Call the professionals at Helix Workspace today at 212•588•1700 to learn more or to secure your shared office space today.

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Why Helix Makes Sense for Small Businesses

February 12th, 2016

There is nothing more exciting than the prospect of a small business growing into a competitive and sprawling corporation, especially for the small business owner. But as a small business owner, it doesn’t take long for this dream of corporate expansion to begin taking its toll. Growing a business into a larger corporate enterprise takes a lot of logistics, planning, and financial commitment. Your office space is a big deal for your business. It is where all of the major decisions regarding your company will take place, from investments to scheduling, from new products to new partnerships. To make your office place a true home away from home is the goal for every growing company, but that takes a lot of time, dedication and financial investment. When looking for an office space in New York, you need to make sure you are looking for the right benefits. These include:

  • Enough workspace for your entire staff to work comfortably
  • Meeting and conference rooms that can accommodate small or large groups
  • A convenient and practical address, but ideally one that also shows the correct level of professionality and security
For many small businesses, the choice comes down to doing what is best for the company in terms of staffing and investments, and finding that home away from home where all the business can take place in a practical yet comfortable manner. Virtual and temporary office spaces are a great resource for small and growing businesses. This provides a great way for a business to find a balance between the exorbitant cost of an additional office space and the many financial commitments that come with that, and the ability to invest those well-needed funds into the core of the business. ­ Helix Workspace offers state of the art offices that are designed with all modern amenities in mind, including meeting and conference areas, concierge services, and ideal locations that are both impressive and convenient. Many growing businesses take advantage of virtual workspaces because:
  • They need an established office space quickly
  • They need to grow their office
  • They are ready to expand business to new cities or even internationally, but aren’t ready for full time staffing
With so much business taking place on the go and virtually, it only makes sense to put your business investments where they will do the most good—into your actual business. Working with Helix workspace can help your company grow by managing your work space in a budget friendly yet impressive manner. For more information, contact us.

The 4 Key Steps every Global Business Took Early On

December 6th, 2015

Growing into a global business is a scary prospect, especially for the young entrepreneur or new business owner. However, from another point of view, missing out on your opportunity to grow into a global business is even more frightening. The business world is a competitive one, and opportunities don’t often knock more than a couple of times. You have to know what steps are right for your business and ultimately what path you want to follow if you are going to make it to your end-goal. Here are four steps that every successful company takes to ensure their place in the global market:

  1. Know your company and know your goals. If your product doesn’t translate to the global market, then that is something you want to know before you put effort into exports. Research your competitors and make sure you know your market inside and out. This includes having a firm company mission and a SMART goal for your five, ten, and 20 year plan.
  2. Identify target markets. Before making any business venture into a new area, you need to make sure you are targeting your audience correctly. Make sure that you are bringing your company into an area that has high potential for sales and growth, and that you are adjusting marketing practices to keep up with your changing location.
  3. Develop the right team. There is no successful company without the right employees. The right employees for your company depend on a lot of different factors, including your company mission, product, and overall business practices. If you are attempting to grow, you need to make sure you have the team in place that can support you in this practice. Too many companies have fallen apart just as they had the opportunity to flourish because the right people weren’t in place.
  4. Grow your office space at the right pace. Finding the right office space for your company is a complex equation. There is a big difference between working for free out of a garage space and suddenly having a corner office with oversized windows. You need to make sure your NYC office space has the appearance of professionalism without breaking the bank too early on, especially as you move into new markets. Virtual office space in NYC is highly recommended for this step as it creates an opportunity for you to have space to work out of and to use as a base for clients, but without the upfront cost of securing private commercial space.
Whatever your industry, there are several things that every successful organization will have in common. If you want your company to move beyond your current place in the business world, then you need to make sure that you are following these same basic steps.  

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Grow your Office Space with Helix Workspace

October 23rd, 2015

Is the world ever truly your oyster? For a business owner, this is the ultimate goal. The dream is to live in a world where you have access to every door you want to walk through. Wherever your clients are, there you are as well. The problem is that for most business owners, this isn’t an affordable option. Availability is a privilege and the ability to be where your customers need you often feels more serendipitous than it does feel dependent on skill and aptitude in the world of business know-how.

For the aspiring business owner, the start-up entrepreneur and even the large scale corporate executive, the answer to running a successful business on any scale is to know when and where to grow. In our ever advancing technological world, this often means growing your presence online. In fact, the best brick and mortar office won’t do anything for you if you don’t have an online presence, as well.
Building your own office requires an extensive time commitment, not to mention a great deal of financial necessity. For a business looking to expand with limited resources, a brick and mortar office establishment isn’t always the best place to invest funds. This is where the Helix Workspace comes in. Helix offers virtual and flexible workspace solutions for businesses who are looking to expand fast. This gives the business owner the opportunity to focus on more pressing issues, like how to run the business, knowing that critical equipment and accommodations are provided for.
Helix Workspaces are available in the US and internationally, including in New York City where you can find yourself conducting business in a premium on-demand furnished office space that is complete with desk space and meeting rooms for you to focus on corporate needs.
This creates a space where you can go to focus on your business, wherever that need may take you. Helix functions behind the scenes, giving the impression that the office space is permanently yours. And while you are using the workspace, it is! Helix works transparently with a quick and easy rental process that is sure to impress clientele while accommodating all of your business needs.
When you need to grow, you need to grow fast. Helix Workspaces are there to help you make this happen. Take control of your corporate needs by giving yourself a home base to work from, wherever your business adventures take you.

Virtual office growth for local, US and international users

October 19th, 2015

The 2015 is a new beast that many corporations are still struggling to figure out. Since the advent of the internet and the advancement of technology and the computer age the corporate world has been on its toes learning new ways to make the most of every moment. This is still a growing trend, something that even well-established businesses are needing to make adjustments for.

Part of the reason that businesses need to make adjustments for advances in the technological age is due to the way that corporations interact with one another, as well as with the rest of the world. Where as once business opportunities were easily limited to between the hours of nine and five, that isn’t the case anymore. The virtual world is taking over the corporate world, and every brick and mortar business is being forced to accommodate the cyber world in a real big way.

Success in the 2015 World
The internet has change even the way that businesses go about forming. The concept of a startup is a unique 2015 model. The idea that so many successful companies are started out of a dorm room or a garage speaks to the way that the internet and virtual world have leveled the playing field. Whereas once a young entrepreneur would have required a large investor and connections to make their dreams happen, now all they need is a strong idea, an internet connection and the gusto to put their dream together.

One result of this trend is a large number of companies that are rising in popularity and success prior to even owning a workspace. This is where Helix Workspace comes into the picture. Helix Workspace offers virtual offices for businesses on a global scale, with accommodations in the US as well as internationally.

Helix Workspace delivers flexible workspace solutions that are innovative and accommodating that are designed to meet the needs of small businesses, large corporations and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. This alleviates the need to have a permanent office space for your company to work out of, and gives you the opportunity to focus your efforts on virtual growth.

The 2015 lifestyle requires that you work around the clock. Your company won’t have a moment to rest in the virtual world, but when you need a place to sit and meet with a client, you can rely on Helix Workspace for a flexible option.