If you’ve been working in an office for a while, you may have heard someone talking about how nice the corner office is, or how to “get out of the bullpen.” It’s a common idea that having your own office is a big step up – but why? It’s really because private offices come with real benefits, as opposed to open working spaces. That’s not to suggest that companies should never use a bullpen or open floor plan – but that it pays to have private offices in place for certain scenarios. In helping our clients set up the best temporary workspaces in NYC, we help to evaluate how private spaces play a role in the development and growth of a company.

Meeting and PlanningFor many specialized meetings or brainstorming sessions in a business, there’s simply no need for everyone else to be listening in. In fact, it’s going to infringe on the important work that other people are doing at their desks, and in some cases, it’s going to be an unnecessary liability by exposing sensitive information to extra people. So private rooms can really serve the purposes of a business that’s headed toward that next big step, whether it’s conferring with a client, a leadership team huddle, or letting a task force crack some special obstacle that has kept the business from getting to the next level.

Status and ServiceIt might seem kind of crass to suggest that a private office is also an incentive to climb the ladder, but there is a case to be made that private office space really is appropriate for someone who is in a higher or more privileged role within the company. Executives and higher-ups use their private offices to speak with individual employees. They use them for employee reviews, disciplinary meetings or incentive meetings. That’s another reason to have private offices in place. It serves the purposes of the company as a whole, and it’s something that many businesses just can’t afford to do without.

Open but SeparateWith the right kinds of private offices, you can still foster the inclusion and cooperation of the open floor plan atmosphere. By utilizing private office spaces correctly, companies can keep everyone engaged and involved in the important things that are going on within a business. An open door policy can be a good idea. Think of private office spaces as places to conference – places to brainstorm and come up with creative ideas collectively. Check out what Helix offers in temporary workspaces in New York City. Our dynamic space options allow companies to set up private offices and conference rooms according to their needs. Get furnished, versatile, inviting spaces from which to do business near Grand Central Station, or at other key location points around the city. Remember that better spaces help to serve your core business operations, and give your business a better jump on the future!