Back in the days of analog business, companies would bar the doors to their offices to keep competitors or others from getting their hands on trade secrets, whether that meant paper documents or processes or conversations that interlopers could eavesdrop on. Today, there’s much more of a trend toward digital security, but both types of security matter. Companies have to be confident they are operating in a secure environment, especially in the age of robust privacy regulations and a globally connected Internet where international hackers abound. They have to “circle the wagons” to protect their assets – and that could mean battening down the hatches on network security with firewalls, anti-virus software and more, or making sure there’s a keycard system in place to limit unauthorized access to the building.

Building Security and the Employee

One reason to have adequate building security is to protect employees. Too often, someone who’s just doing their job can run into problems revolving around what’s happening outside of a building or business space. There are many types of situations where employees benefit from having a secure and stable office to enter to get in off of the street. There are many different kinds of scenarios where building security protects employees. It also helps to protect all of the physical equipment and assets that the company acquired to help fine-tune internal operations. Simply put, physical building security has a value in terms of protecting people and materials. Think of it as the “brick and mortar firewall” – a way to vet incoming traffic to make sure that everything is on the up and up.

Digital Security

When it comes to digital security, building security is just as important. One way that unauthorized parties get access to private information is to view it on workstation screens or steal a device from a business location. Of course, they can go the route of trying to penetrate the company’s firewall, but if there’s not adequate building security, all types of digital secrets can walk off. In the age of HIPAA, it’s essential to have good building security in place in addition to sufficient privacy software. Even third-party associates are targets of HIPAA regulations if they allow their internal data to be stolen or misused. Take a look at how Helix can offer 24/7 secure building access at our Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue locations. Browse our high-quality offices with the right amenities to help your business succeed – and get peace of mind about building security for yourself and your employees. In addition to building security, we offer different types of setups for meeting room and office spaces that help your firm to get business done – ask about our available specials and what we can do to set your business up for success!