Shared Office Space in New York City

Helix Workspace , Manhattan Office Space

Minimize the Expense

When it comes to office space in New York City, two things are absolutely certain; it is necessary, and it is expensive! This is where Helix Workspace comes into play. Our shared office space gives your busy company the prestige of a New York City address at a fraction of what you’d pay for a fulltime office space that may go unused a great deal of the time. At Helix Workspace, our philosophy is simple, We offer All Inclusive packages as standard.   We offer only all-inclusive packages that give your company the prestige of an office in a high profile New York City office building at a fraction of what you may expect to pay. This is how our Package compares based on a four workstation office space:   Rent for this traditional office space would run you approximately $3750 per month. At Helix Workspace, the cost is $3800. But, this price includes so many of the extras you would pay for in traditional office space.   Four telephone units are included, as well as unlimited calling. This would run you about $200 each in traditional office space, plus the cost of your calls.   If you had a traditional office space, you would need a full time receptionist to answer phones, receive visitors, etc.; this would probably incur a minimum cost of about $3500 monthly. with a Helix Workspace shared office space, a professional, full time receptionist is included.   Another “must have” for any modern day office is high speed Internet, which would cost you an additional $300+ per month in a traditional setting. We include that in our package at no additional cost to you.   Occasionally, everyone needs a meeting or conference room. With a traditional office space you would need to include this often unused space in your office space. At Helix Workspace, the use of a state of the art meeting/conference room is included; up to four hours when you need it.   Utilities charges, janitorial fees, equipment supplies and maintenance, and miscellaneous building charges are both necessary and costly, easily adding up to $1000 or more each month. Helix Workspace’s low monthly cost includes all these necessary evils.   Access to a kitchen, hot beverages and a breakroom are also necessary for a successful work day. With a Helix Workspace solution, all of the additional expenses incurred here are included.   Finally, real estate taxes. Again both necessary and highly costly. Just one more peripheral expense you never need to concern yourself with in a Helix Workspace solution.   You can easily compare the cost of a traditional office space (about $2300 per person per month) to a Helix Workspace solution (about $950 per person per month) and readily see the significant savings to be realized, adding to your bottom line!   Call the professionals at Helix Workspace today at 212•588•1700 to learn more or to secure your shared office space today.

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